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Crystal Quartz & Kyanite Coquito Pendant

Dezso by Sara Beltrán

Dezso by Sara Beltrán is our go-to for extraordinary and singular designs.

The Crystal Quartz & Kyanite Coquito Pendant is an uber-chic homage to the magnificent coquito, a marble-sized Chilean coconut. 

This meticulously carved crystal pendant––punctuated with a single blue cabochon kyanite stone and 18k gold accents––exemplifies Sara's talent for capturing natural beauty in an elevated way. We especially love the discreet accent of Dezo's signature shark fin in black enamel.

Kyanite is the zodiac stone for Aries, Taurus, and Libra. And in crystal metaphysics, kyanite is believed to encourage a pleasant, peaceful nature and liberates you from frustrations and stress. 

Wear the Crystal Quartz & Kyanite Coquito Pendant on Dezso's signature Wave Gold Wire Necklace (sold separately). 

Kindly note that this listing is for the pendant only.


Crystal Quartz & Kyanite Coquito Pendant
Crystal Quartz & Kyanite Coquito Pendant